.new 도메인 목록

참고: https://whats.new/shortcuts/

** 반드시 Login을 한 후에 서비스를 이용할 수 있다**
Google Docs: doc.new
Google Slides: slide.new
Google Sheet: sheet.new
Google Meet: meet.new
Google Calendar: cal.new
Google Forms: form.new
Google Keep: keep.new
Jamboard with Google: jam.new

Microsoft PowerPoint: ppt.new
Microsoft Word: word.new
Microsoft Excel: excel.new
Microsoft Teams: teams.new

Convert to PDF: pdf.new

Webex meeting: webex.new

Online quiz using Kahoot: quiz.new

Use a proxy server without having to connect to a VPN: vpn.new

화상회의 프로그램 정리

ZOOM: zoom.us
Teams: teams.new
WebEx: webex.new
Meet: meet.new

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