TLDR(Too Long; Didn’t Read) 명령어 사용하기

명령어에 대한 man page를 보기가 어려워 간단하게 명령어 사용법 보는 방법(tldr) 알아보기


1) Installing NodeJS 14.x repository in RHEL, CentOS and Fedora
curl -sL | bash –

2) Installing Nodejs and NPM
yum install nodejs -y

3) Installing development tools such as gcc-c++ and make
yum -y install gcc-c++ make

4) Testing Latest Nodejs and NPM
node –version
npm –version

5) Installing TLDR Pages
npm install -g tldr

6) Viewing man pages of any command using TLDR(Too Long; Didn’t Read)
tldr tar
tldr ls

7) To list all commands
tldr -l

8) To list all supported commands in the cache
tldr -a

9) To update or clear the local cache by running
tldr -u #update local cache
tldr -c #clear local cache

10) To search pages using keywords
tldr -s “list of all files, sorted by modification date”

11) To change the color theme
tldr -t ocean

12) To show a random command
tldr -r

13) To see a complete list of supported options
tldr -h